About Us

Welcome to Highland Wear!

Here at Highland Wear our aim is to ensure that you and your horse are kept at the up-most comfort and style throughout the year. Whether that be keeping cool throughout summer or warm to the core through winter, we have got it covered so you all you have to concentrate on is enjoying the great outdoors!

Starting with the full range of Equi Cool Down products, our equestrian product range will be expanding into our own brand of 'Highland Wear' horse rugs. Look out for our upcoming lines of turnout rugs, stable rugs, a travel & competition range to a therapeutic range. All designs carefully thought out by Highland Wear.

We love our products – we use and test the products from our assortment ourselves and we (besides our horses) are our toughest critics. If it’s not good enough for us then it certainly won’t make it’s way to you.

Meet the team!

(Mugshots coming soon - promise!)

Both Sam and Heather have a vast knowledge of the Equestrian world.
Sam was a successful member of his local pony club throughout childhood but
now no longer rides (unless made to by Heather!) but spends his time with his growing herd of beef cattle instead.
Heather has had many horses over the years taking part in most disciplines
and has always had a passion for the 'difficult' ones. Heather’s background includes working on competition yards and working in the equestrian retail market.

After searching high and low for a cooling product for the hock, Heather came across the Equi Cool Don range which was no longer available in the UK anymore. Along came Highland Wear! 

We cannot wait to see how it expands and hope you are just as excited as we are.

Look out for us across social media and at local events throughout the coming years and be a part of the story of Highland Wear.